English resume

OpenDenmark is an initiative taken in spring 2019 with the constitution of the non-profit organization OpenDenmark the 1.st of May 2019.

There are mores motives behind the initiative.

  • collaboration
  • using overlapping activities and projects
  • work for a greater public awareness of openess in general

Who is OpenDenmark

OpenDenmark is a non profil organization that can have both personal members and institutional members. But only personal members can take part in the board and at the yearly meeting.

Members pay for being a member – but both personal and institutional members can apply for a free membership.

At the constitution of OpenDenmark, it was clear that everyone at the meeting all ready have some connections to different open projects and communities, so in the board you will see members that are active in projects like Creative Commons, Wikimedia, OpenKnowledgeFoundation, OpenStreetMap, Mapillary and more.


Why the umbrella

There are more reasons for using the umbrella as the logo of OpenDenmark:

  • being an umbrella organization, that wants to unite open initiatives
  • in the perspective of how copyright works, think of it as an umbrella, that protects the rightsholder from the surroundings, the turned umbrella could be what we call copyleft – it does not avoid the surroundings, but take part in and advantage of the surroundings
  • open content makes new ideas possible – but you need to collect some kind of inspiration – could be knowledge, software, culture or people – you need to collect – and what is better than a umbrella turned around


If you need to get i touch with OpenDenmark, please contact us at info (at) opendenmark . dk